Are you a SERIOUS about taking your small business to higher levels this year?

You know yourself that you are Driven. Excited. Passionate... yet you know that you're not reaching your full potential. You want more! You want to be able to work with the people you like to work with and do MORE of the work you love.

That mantra in your head keeps going round and round:

I need some motivation. I'm GREAT at do.. I'm just not good at getting everything done.

I have loads of ideas, but I don't know what to prioritise or where to start.

I really want to get this off the ground in a big way.

For god-sake. If I don't do something now, I'll become another housewife vacuuming all day and all my talents will be WASTED!!

I'm just not sure how to COMMUNICATE my MESSAGE.

My brand is stagnant.

I've no idea how to market myself, but I know I need to learn if I'm going to make this happen.

I have no niche, I don't know how to define it and I don't know how to market to it and I'm not sure how to package my stuff.

I want YOU to realised that you actually don't need to do this on you own - You just need some guidance and have someone who can tell you WHAT to do, HOW to do it and SUPPORT you with that.

So I recommend for you to register at Creative Design School. here you will learn exactly what is missing and what steps to take next.


And when you do make that change... YOU will knows EXACTLY how to communicate YOUR message to the people that you want to help.

You can help people all over the world. Get yourself out there in a way that makes sense to you - not as some as what everyone else is doing in your industry.

Is this what YOU want as well?

Come and join me (and the 100's of others that have requested this) and see if there are some things that you could do to help you to get on YOUR WAY to having the kind of business you WANT, with the kinds of clients you LOVE, doing what you WANT to do - and from ANYWHERE!!

Think about where you could be in 12 months if you make the change today.


Have a fabulous day.

Rhani -xx-

PS. If you're just wanting to sink your teeth in straight away, well Im happy to help you jump right in. Call me or send an email. 0407 505 610 or


Fine Tune Your Market
+ Brand development

Reflect you who you
are in your branding

Let your business have less
stress and more freedom

Kind Words

  • Thank you Rhani - I love, love, love the new logo!

    i'm sending you the payment right now-
    i'm so excited. Thank You!!

  • Hunting for a graphic designer takes time, finding someone that offers high quality and has an edge. Working with Rhani from the first day, I knew I was going end up with fantastic logo. Rhani really took the time to find out what I wanted in the brief and delivered an amazing logo.
    Thanks again Rhani
    Kirsty Murphy

  • Rhani has the gift of being able to take a design brief and create an elegant, fresh design which surprises and delights us every time. Working with Rhani is a pleasure as she has the remarkable ability to get it right the first time. This process is all the more amazing as often, we don't even know exactly what we're looking for. We're proud to use her designs to represent our company.
    Me too please

  • We found Rhani to be prompt and professional in designing our logo for Lupus Association Queensland. Rhani was able to make suggestions using our ideas to create a design that is functional and visually appealing. We have no hesitation in recommending Rhani's work for anyone looking for a graphic designer.
    Gail Falconer

  • Thank you so much for everything, I've been so impressed with absolutely everything you've done for me and am definitely hoping I can get you some business by passing your name along.

  • It has been a pleasure working with you to create the logo for my new business. Right from the beginning you have understood what I wanted and were able to turn my thoughts and ideas into a perfect logo! Actually, all the initial concepts were so good I had a hard time picking my favourite. I will definitely be calling you when I need some more work done. You are a very talented Graphic Designer. - EROTIC GLASS

  • Thanks for all of your hard work in designing a logo for our business Rhani. I felt that the design process was very simple and hassle-free. We were delighted with the outcome and feel that you captured what we were trying to achieve in terms of looking professional, modern and 'green'. I recommend Idea+ink to all other businesses.

  • I've just got to print that work book you sent - I think it will help a lot moving forward! You're a very extraordinary person! I feel like you just get it! Thank you!

  • Rhani, I love receiving your weekly emails. It's quite freaky really, it's like you're reading my mind. Thank you

  • Loving our new logo!!!! We worked with the lovely Rhani from Idea + Ink Graphic Design for this one and we are so happy with the end result Thank you

  • LOVE IT!! For the 1st time in 6+ years i actually love the branding! Thank you so much!!!
    Le Beaute Lounge

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