Creative Design School

Do you remember the vision you had for your business when you first started? Did you ever follow through with some of those great ideas?

Sometimes we dream of goals, desires and aspirations and they quickly get shut down because of reality or what we are lead to believe is REALITY.

Your heart wants to say YES but the devil in your brain is saying NO. That is where at some point you have to realise that only YOU can make the decision to explore your real vision and invest in your BRAND.

Nothing is for FREE these days, as my previous clients have now discovered that exploring the YOU in your brand lead them to break throughs and making more money.

Have you ever fallen in love with a brand? You know… like the way you have that McCafe skinny latte, extra shot, you sip on as you arrive to work? Or the way you feel about the Lorna Jane gym pants that have taken you over the finish line in three different states?

You have a relationship with these brands. So much so they create a certain emotion or appreciation. Your coffee helps you to feel relaxed and ready for the day; the LJ pants make you feel confident and determined.

That is why I decided to create INK. It. In. my very first e-Course for like-minded people like yourself that want to create a brand with purpose for YOUR clients to feel and appreciate that same experience.

Are you ready to let them fall in LOVE? built something with strength and confidence. YOU CAN!

INK. It. In. is made up of 8 Modules for the people who want more but have just never been able to put their finger on what exactly that is, or how exactly they can do it.

What you’ll learn:

• Strategies on defining your market
• Working out your own personal style
• Different fonts and what styles work together
• How colour influences your first impressions
• How to develop your design from what you have discovered
• What file types work for you and the professionals.

Think about where you could be in 12 months if you make the change today.

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