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[My Brand’s Story] Idea + Ink Graphic Design

‘Welcome to Hollywood, what’s your dream? Everybody has a dream!’ (Pretty Woman)

I had had my business running for around 7 years, streaming along doing logos and later website designs for my old and new clients. Some months were great and some not so great.
I was very influence by my neighbouring competitors that lead to my brand not obtaining its own personality. It didn’t reflect me and it did not reflect who I am, my style and visual elements that communicated a clear vision for my customers.

In 2014, I found myself at crossroads with the big question… Do I close down this business?
After all my hard work that I had poured into. I was loosing my passion and each job was becoming more of a choir, whereas previously it was ignited by passion and I would through myself into the work at any hour of the day. After discussing with some friends and previous clients, it was one comment that was said to me, ‘I guess because you live regionally, if you lived in Melbourne you would have a lot more work,’

That comment made me realise, ‘I can do this’ I have the drive and ambition to do this. To make a shift in business, I have to shift myself, physically and mentally.

With the little effort I had put into my previous branding for Idea + Ink Graphic Design, I had won awards, been a finalist for my logos and obtained international clients. Living regionally had absolutely nothing to do with my success of my business.

So with that, I invested lot money into a ‘kick-ass’ mentor and I was guided not only to find my ideal niche but also to find values in myself that resistant with other like-minded people. The one thing I learnt most from working along side a mentor is; you cannot please everyone. And really we don’t want to! That’s ok, because someone else will.

‘When you focus in a smaller connected group,
it’s far easier to make an impact – Seth Godin

I now work with people that are different to everyone else; they have that feeling deep in their stomach for SUCCESS.
That idea. Not just any idea; one of those amazing keep-you-up-at-night ideas.
The one they’re so passionate about that they decide they need to implement this great idea.

So now my outcome is a simple as, defining and developing a brand. This is a very important key element to beginners or an existing brand. This enables all collateral to be consistent across all mediums.
• This will help achieve MORE!!

• Enable businesses to GROW. If you make an investment you will get a return.

• Generate a larger audience and gain national and international exposure.

• Make more money.

Your brand will have a personality and represent you and communicate clear visual elements. Putting a personality to your business means that your communication style becomes unique and your customer resonates with the exact outcome you perceive.
So, whether I’m defining a brand or creating an interactive website for small to medium sized product or service based business that are looking for an online solution, this will assist them in attracting new leads, marketing online worldwide.

I’ve certainly made wrong choices along the way and have also wasted a shitload of time and money, but I’m still here today. I believed in myself and I knew I had the ability to grow and change my direction in life. Its never to late and you can too.

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